Gio.Ia. Creations

The acronym Gio.Ia. is the combination of the first syllables of Giovanna Iannuzzi, the name of the founder of Gio.Ia. Creations. However, the word "gioia" in Italian means "joy" as well as "jewel".  And joy is what my jewels want to bring to all the women who like color, style and simplicity.


Welcome! My name is Giovanna Iannuzzi and I come from Avellino, Italy, but I moved to Sweden many years ago.


Since I was a child I have always been in love with sparkling stones and shiny metals so I decided to share my passion with you. I founded Gio.Ia. Creations in 2014 when I decided to give more space to my creativity and manufacture handmade jewelry. The design of my jewels is inspired by color and luminosity, lines are simple and clean so to reflect my personality.